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Main Filter offers an extensive line of spin-on cans to meet your filtration requirements. While there are too many to list on one page, here are a few of the highlights!

Our spin-on cans are available in a wide range of working pressures, from 175 psi (12 bar) up to 500 psi (35 bar) with acceptable operating temperatures of -13° F to 248° F (-25° C - 120° C)

We offer wide range of thread types and sizes from 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", in UNF and BSP, and some metric sizes such as M24X2 and M42X2.

Main Filter spin-on cans are available in a variety of O.D. and length combinations, to match most of the popular OEM models you will find in the market, as well as, multiple combinations of media and micron ratings.

These include but are not limited to:
O.D.: 95mm (3.75") x Lth: 60mm (2.36"), 148mm (5.83"), 192mm (7.56") and 213mm (8.38")
O.D.: 97mm (3.82") x Lth: 100mm (3.94"), 152mm (5.98"), 180mm (7.09") and 240mm (9.45") – filter head is available
O.D.: 129mm (5.07") x Lth: 170mm (6.7"), 182mm (7.16"), 228mm (8.98") and 263mm (10.35") – filter head is available

We offer replacements for many other popular brands, such as: Pall, Parker, MP Filtri, Stauff, Zinga, Hydac, Mahle, Eppensteiner, PTI/Textron, Sofima, Rexroth, Filtrec, Cimtek, LHA, Norman, Donaldson, Baldwin, WIX, Napa, Fleetguard, Caterpillar, UCC, IKRON, Internormen, Luberfiner, Vickers, Western, Hy-Pro and Maradyne.

Spin-On Can

Available Spin-on by series

Series Thread Type Thread Size Nominal OD Nominal Length Compatible Filter Head
SP1A16 UNF1-1/2"57FH1, FH5Select
SP1B16 UNF1-1/2"511FH1, FH5Select
SP2A12 UNF1"3.755.75FH2Select
SP2B12 UNF1"3.758.75FH2Select
SP3A16 UNF1-1/2"3.755.75FH3Select
SP3B16 UNF1-1/2"3.758.5FH3Select
SP4A14 BSP3/4"3.755.75FH4Select
SP4B14 BSP3/4"3.758.75FH4Select
SP614 BSP3/4"3.752.5 Select
SP7A11 BSP1-1/4"57 Select
SP7B11 BSP1-1/4"59 Select
SP8AMetricM42X257 Select
SP8BMetricM42X257 Select
SP9AUN2A1-1/2"57 Select
SP1014 BSP1-1/2"57.5 Select
SP11A14 BSP3/4"3.755.75 Select
SP11B14 BSP3/4"3.758.28 Select
SP12A11 BSP1-1/4"57 Select
SP12B11 BSP1-1/4"59 Select
SP1312 UNF2B1-3/4"4.712 Select
SP1412 UNF2B1-3/8"3.84 Select
SP1512 UNF2B1-3/8"3.86 Select
SP1612 UNF2B1-3/8"3.87 Select
SP1712 UNF2B1-3/8"3.89 Select

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