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Main Filter Inc. MAKES You Money!

As a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Filter Elements, Main Filter has built an extensive and diverse portfolio of winning filtration solutions. Everywhere there is a Hydraulic system in need of a filter, a Main Filter product is able to ensure that the fluid is at its peak performance.

It’s not just our products and services that make us a global leader. The most important success factor is our employees. Our teams located in Lincolnton North Carolina, and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario are ready to assist our valued customers with all of their Hydraulic Filter Element needs.

Main Filter Inc is backed by over 30 years of combined experience in Industrial Filtration servicing, and Hydraulic filter element manufacturing. Let this experience go to work for you and your company.

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Meet our Main Filter team!

North American Operations Coordinator

AJ Bisceglia - AJ@MainFilter.com – Ext 201

Process Coordinator

Silvia Duclos - Silvia@MainFilter.com – Ext 221

Engineering & Technical Sales Manager

Geoffrey McLurg - Geoffrey@MainFilter.com – Ext 215

Technical Engineering Support

Cassandra Becking - Cassandra@MainFilter.com – Ext 211
Morgan Ulch - Morgan@MainFilter.com
Benjamin McLeish - Ben@MainFilter.com

Inside Sales Team

Samantha Turmaine - Samm@MainFilter.com – Ext 202
Carla Eisler - Carla@MainFilter.com – Ext 235
Katie Graham - Katie@MainFilter.com – Ext 232


Karen Groen-Chiccarelli - Karen@MainFilter.com – Ext 219

Quality Coordinator

Joanne Palmer - Joanne@MainFilter.com – Ext 210


Shelly Nystedt – Shelly@MainFilter.com – Ext 204
Cherie Derr – Cherie@MainFilter.com

North Carolina Plant Manager

David Young – David@MainFilter.com

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