Filter samples
One way to ensure that your customers only call you for a filtration product is to have your own private brand.

When it comes to filtration, Main Filter has you covered and can put your information on almost any filter we manufacture.  All you have to do is provide us with a list of the filter part numbers (and their brands)......and we'll do the rest.

Some of our customers said that they were certain having a private brand wouldn't make that much of a difference....but they tried it and noticed a drastic increase in sales.

Private branding is a valuable tool because all the information on the product points back to you.  For your customer to get that filter from another source would mean taking it to an industrial supply shop and then trying to figure out the dimensions, flow rates, micron rating, etc.  Why would they go through that trouble when your phone number and part number to re-order are on the filter?

What does Private Branding involve?

1. Laser engraving your information on the filter.

laser engraved end caps

We laser engrave:
- Your Company Name and logo
- Your phone number and/or website
- Your part number
- or anything else you request (some restrictions may apply)

By engraving onto the plastic or metal end caps, it ensures that the information will not come off in oil applications as it does with traditional ink markings.

2. Customizing the Label.


generic barcode label sample

We can customize the Label that goes on the box with the same information lasered onto the end caps plus much more, as shown above.

What "Hidden" Costs are involved?


In fact, you'll find that purchasing from Main Filter will probably save you money.  Main Filter keeps prices down by continually looking to source high quality components and finished products at the lowest costs.  Production costs are minimized due to the fact that Main Filter owns a lot of the tooling.  These savings are then passed along to you.

The extras that we do like laser engraving and custom labeling the packaging are built into our prices.

A Win-Win Proposition

Perhaps more than any other after market part you supply, filtration products offer the greatest potential benefit from private branding.  Unlike other system components that are replaced occasionally from wear and tear a filtration product is a consumable good that needs to be replaced more often.

Private branding directs your customers back to you for replacement parts and filtration products.  The steady stream of revenue ensured by private branding make it an option to seriously consider.

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