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Main Filter has a wide assortment of fuel filters that can be used with Gasoline, Ethanol Blends, Diesel, ULSD and Biodiesel all Made in the USA.

Available in various microns and media, Main Filter offers replacements for your most popular fuel filters such as PetroClear, Fleetguard, Baldwin, Wix, Cim-Tek, Fram & Champion to name a few. If you can not find a cross in our on-line program you can review the size chart below.

Our fuel filters are available in 1” & 1.5” 12 & 16 UNF thread and nominal OD’s of 3.75 to 5.06 and lengths of 5.38 to 10.94.

Maximum working pressure is 50 psi (3.4 bar) and maximum flow is 25 GPM except for the FS1B series which is 40 GPM.

Please note our Spin-on’s are not for use with aviation applications.

Spin-On Can

Available Fuel Spin-on by series

Series Thread Type Thread Size Nominal OD Nominal Length Compatible Filter Head
FS1B16 UNF1-1/2"511FH1, FH5Select
FS2A12 UNF1"3.755.75FH2Select
FS2B12 UNF1"3.758.75FH2Select
FS3A16 UNF1-1/2"3.755.75FH3Select
FS3B16 UNF1-1/2"3.758.5FH3Select

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